Why 1820 Productions is Scary!

Posted By: Bety Aquino

In the spirit of Halloween (my favorite holiday), I’m bringing to you the reasons why 1820 Productions is just a little scary! When I first walked into 1820 productions, I was definitively nervous, shy, and, you guessed it, scared. I kept thinking to myself, what if they don’t like me, what if I do something wrong or what if they’re mean? All these things were racing through my head, which is funny to me now that I know the team. But now what’s scary is far from what I originally thought would be.

If I had to list the things I consider scary at 1820 Productions, these would be them:

    • – Losing at foosball against Matt and Korey for the rest of my life
    • – Foosball
    • – Facing Sara’s wrath if anyone is late to a shoot (she’s effectively ensured this NEVER happens)
    • – Gina…just because she’s Gina
    • – Being pranked by Matt and Korey
    • – The ghost in the building

Does 1820 Productions Really Have a Ghost?

To clear things up, yes, I said the ghost in the building. I genuinely believe there is a ghost somewhere, if not in the office, in this building! And even if no one else on the team agrees with me, I have my reasoning for this. Maybe I’ll share some stories with you one day. But not today. It’s Halloween and I’m not trying to tempt the ghost to scare me.

Truthfully, 1820 Productions is far from scary and here’s why:

    1. 1. Great team and stellar environment
    2. 2. Amazing creativity
    3. 3. Foosball
    4. 4. The comedic atmosphere – humor is everywhere

Why This Team Isn’t Scary

Sure, sometimes, I still feel scared I might make a mistake but I know they’ll be there to help me grow and learn.

My time here so far has proven to be a great learning experience, and those feelings I mentioned in the first paragraph (except for maybe occasional shyness) are long gone. The 1820 Productions team is the nicest, and I’m super excited to be a part of it. For some true Halloween scares, watch our creepy Halloween videos!