How a Chance Meeting Inspired 1820 Productions

Posted By: Korey Miller

Have you ever had a serendipitous encounter that inspired you? If you haven’t, I pray that one day you do. These moments are the opportunities that can make you a magnificently successful, creative business force to be reckoned with… that’s if, you just give it a Chance.

Interior day: Yes, I know this isn’t a movie script, but this is how it happened. Enter friend who loves ALL music. Hey Korey you wanna go to a Chance the Rapper concert tomorrow? Me: Uh, no thanks, I don’t really do rap. Him: But you’re black. (Side note: I’m not easily offended and he’s black too).

My musically astute compadre begins to tell me about how Chance the Rapper is reshaping the music industry. Chance has managed to do this by bypassing labels and giving his music away for free.  My brain is now racing through every business book I’ve read trying to figure out how that fiscally makes sense and cents.

Chance has amassed a social media following larger than many small countries. He has also figured out how to capture the elusive audience every corporation on the planet wants – millennials.

How the Unexpected Makes Things Better

Interior night: The Bomb Factory Dallas:  Me: WOW! The concert hasn’t even started and they already have the haze machines blazing. Friend: That’s not what’s blazing…

The lights dim, enter stage left: Chance the Rapper. With lyrical dexterity like a modern day Shakespeare, Chance commands the stage and begins to poetically create an otherworldly experience for his brigade of devoted fans. He weaves a musical tapestry of faith and happiness accompanied with motion graphics, video projections and fury puppets packaged in vignetted moments, all to take the audience on an whimsical journey. As the night passed, I watched in awe while I unexpectedly found myself becoming a fan. He had somehow managed to add me to his devoted army.

With the concert crescendoing to its finale, I caught myself roaring out the proverbial concert “woo hoo!” coupled with passionate chants of “we want more!” Despite the crowd’s gregarious urging, Chance exited the stage as smoothly as he had entered two hours earlier.

What You Can Learn From a Rapper

If you work in the creative video production/advertising field like 1820 Productions, your job is to always push boundaries. The goal is to take old ideas and make them better or innovate new ones. Taking creative risks can increase your bottom line. Need proof? Just take a look at the success of Chance.

Consequently the concert made me rethink our approach when producing videos. I gained a fresh perspective and stylistic ideas that I wouldn’t have thought of otherwise. If you are looking for a creative boost too, scroll over to our portfolio page to view our latest videos or contact 1820 Productions and we would be happy to help you develop something as show stopping as a Chance the Rapper concert.

Interior late night backstage: A  tall thin frame with a pleasant smile wearing a red ball cap with a number 3 on it  emerges from a room just off stage. Him: Hi I’m Chance, thanks for coming!  Me: Speechless. Fade to Black.