Meet the 1820 Productions Team

Posted By: 1820 Productions

When you hear “dream team,” you probably think of the 1992 U.S. Men’s basketball team. But move over Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, and Larry Bird. At 1820 Productions we’ve got the creative synergy of an Olympic dream team.

Editor’s Note: Mr. Jordan, Johnson, and Bird, we apologize for our earlier statement. We do not claim to have your athletic prowess, but we may be able to put up a good fight against you guys on the foosball table.

Why are we so confident in our team? Because it’s packed with top video production and media professionals who have worked all over the country. We’re stationed in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex and collaborate with creative teams from coast to coast.

From Taboo matches to prank wars to midday hide-and-go-seek games, we’re constantly culitvating our creativity and challenging ourselves to think outside the box. We bring this fun to set too – of course we couple this with streamlined efficiency and a strong work ethic. Basically, we’ve struck a winning combination for clients and the 1820 Productions team!

Some of the 1820 Productions team in our natural habitat … playing Taboo, of course.

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