Our Culture: How the 1820 Productions Team Innovates

Posted By: Gina Circelli

Why is the 1820 Productions team donning wigs and racing to create our own short film? Why are we oh-so-often embroiled in handle-gripping foosball showdowns?

The answer is simple. It keeps us creative.

When our team has fun, we do our best work, and our clients reap the benefits of our unique, creativity-first approach. It’s what inspires us to create media that engages viewers, from viral content to original programming to videos that help a variety of companies capture customers.

At 1820, we aren’t just creating awesome visual content (and trust us, we do create awesome video production work). We’re also building relationships with our clients to ensure they have fun throughout the creative process right along with us.

Why the Culture at 1820 Productions Works

1820 Productions Team

Because our agile team plays well together, we work well together too. We’re a unified force when it comes to making sure you don’t have to worry about even the smallest details involved in your video project. That means we’re meticulous in cultivating a smooth creative process – from script to set to editing the final product. We’ve got you covered.

And it all starts with a little fun in the office.

If you’re ready to get creative with our team of innovators, drop us a line on our “Contact Us” page. We look forward to hearing from you.