This Was My Face When I Joined The 1820 Productions Team

Posted By: Natalie Petters

I came into my interview with the 1820 Productions team a few weeks ago expecting a pretty standard experience. Something like this:

“What are your weaknesses?”

“Well, really, I’m just too hard of a worker.”

However, I found those predictions to be thrown out the window when one of my interviewers, Sara, came to the lobby to retrieve me but didn’t say a word until she caved a couple minutes later, informing me Korey and Gina had dared her not to speak to me.

How my intern expectations were derailed in roughly 10 minutes

After being asked questions like, “Team Edward or Team Jacob?” “Dunkin’ Donuts or Starbucks?” “Netflix or cable?” “What level are you in Pokemon Go?” and being forced to tell a joke on the spot (my other option was to sing a song), I realized that the 1820 Productions team was a different kind of beast and I, unquestionably, wanted to be a part of it.

My first day included being introduced to what my job will be the next few months I’m here, a group lunch where we ate sushi and teased each other, and a game of foosball that I dominated… Okay, that is a complete lie. But, my team did win, thanks to Matt who kindly told me that I needed to keep it down a little bit due to my screaming every time our opponents scored.

So, this is my face on my first week at 1820 Productions. I’m excited to learn more about the industry, and looking forward to working with a group of clearly funny, talented, and unique people. I’m also pretty nervous about screwing things up, but I get the feeling that this is the kind of place that doesn’t mind too much as long as you keep going and work on improving every day. And that is exactly what I intend to do! So, we’ll see what my face is like on the last day of my internship.

Really, my main goal is to become the reigning champion of foosball.

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