How 1820 Gets Clients To Their Happy

You’ve probably heard the phrase, “Find a job you love and you’ll never work a day in your life.” And, in a sense, I agree. I am blessed enough to look forward to every day at work. But here’s the real kicker- I love to work hard. The job I love involves doing everything I can to make sure our clients feel like they got more than they bargained for. So here’s how 1820 Productions works to get clients to their happy places.

We make creative simple. Okay, so I stole borrowed that from our 1820 Productions tagline, but we mean it. Maybe you have never touched a camera before, or written a script. Creating a commercial seems daunting, overwhelming, or just outright impossible. But, we have processes in place here that work. We break production down and make it understandable, and we never sacrifice creativity in place of simplicity. Instead we make those two principles mash together in symbiotic goodness. Think: peanut butter and jelly, popcorn and the movie theater, coffee and a donut. You get the picture.

At 1820 Productions, we go above and beyond without exception. That can mean different things for different clients, but there are certain things we bring to the table in every project. We infuse laughter into our projects! If you read my previous post about our love of laughter at 1820 Productions, you know that we believe humor is imperative to our professional life. Even Forbes knows that fun inspires success. Everyone here has been on sets that are tense and stressful where the director is yelling at the actors. That just isn’t what we’re about! We also give our clients more than they expect. Whether that is time or equipment, we bring it with a cheerful heart.

It’s our goal at 1820 Productions to get everyone we work with to their happy. What are some ways we can get you there?