1820 Productions’ 4 Steps to Stellar 2017 Goals

Posted By: Bety Aquino

The long awaited 2017 is here and if you don’t feel totally prepared, never fear. I’ve got four tips to help you start off the New Year right. I’ve put them to work as I set goals in my role at 1820 Productions so – trust me – they’ll be a great jumpstart to your planning too.

  1. 1. Reflect

First, I like to think back on last year’s goals. Try it! Did you achieve them? What could you have done differently? And then ask yourself the BIG question: Why did some of your goals fall short? Maybe you ran out of time. Maybe your plans were too lofty. Keep this insight in mind as you move onto the next step.

2. Visualize

I like to ask myself what I hope to accomplish in the next 12 months (on a personal AND professional level). The key is making sure my goals are reasonable. For instance, you don’t want to start off with the goal of posting a YouTube video that scores 50 million views in one week, when your videos are currently averaging one hundred views a week. That would be a little difficult. It sounds obvious, but setting unrealistic goals is a momentum killer. Absolutely aim high, but don’t set yourself up to feel like you failed. On the flip side, don’t make your goals too easy – stretch yourself a little.

Additionally, make sure your goals vary in how ambitious they are. Smaller goals are items you can accomplish in a short time frame, such as boosting social media engagement on a single post by two percent. These small goals are important because they keep you on track to achieve bigger goals, like creating a slam dunk social media campaign.

3. Strategize

Now it’s time to get out of your head and get your hands dirty. Not really, just get your hands writing. Don’t miss this step! Write out your goals to make them concrete. Once you have a list of goals, you can organize them in a chart like this. Separate your short and long term goals into separate folders, binders, tabs, or even put them into your work calendar on your computer.

Form the strategy for your goal-setting journey by including a time frame for each goal, what steps it will take to achieve it, and how you are going to make it happen. Now the hard part, for me at least, is actually sticking to my strategy and timeframe. So, what helps me keep on track? Ha-ha well, let me tell you! Rewards! They are my best friends. When I hit a target goal, I give myself candy or cake most of the time. But you may opt for something you love as much as I love dessert.

If you’re more intrinsically motivated, you can rely on automation to help you stick to your goals. I’m talking mobile apps, phone reminders, eCalendar events, or whatever electronic reminding gadget floats your boat. Automate reminders for yourself throughout the year, and look back at what you originally wrote down as you embark on each goal. Don’t just go off memory or you’re bound to miss specifics.

4. Achieve

Achieving your goals is the last, sweet, sweet step. It’s that simple. Follow your timeline and all your dreams will come true.

Go get ’em goal setters, as I leave you with this meme. Happy 2017 and make sure to check back on 1820 Productions blog for more helpful tips!