Why 1820 Productions’ Interns Are So Sarcastic

Posted By: Bety Aquino

It appears our intern Brayden has become quite the comedian. In his recent blog post, The Inside Story of Working with Bety at 1820 Productions, Brayden mentions several things about me and the antics that are so very 1820. Seriously, the article brought a smile to my face. I hate to admit, he even made me laugh – Brayden has picked up on our quintessential sarcasm. Let me explain just why seeing him take part in our culture is so heartwarming.

The Reason Interns Love 1820 Productions

– Brayden mentions that we (well, I) love to scare people at the office. Scaring people at 1820 Productions is fun, but don’t get the wrong idea. The team just likes to play pranks on each other. We love to laugh and play. As our interns have witnessed, it can be hilarious.

– One thing Brayden made sure to point out is that I always tend to ask him and everyone else how they are and whether they need help with anything, but I’m not the only one who does this. So do the rest of the  members of the team. Why do we do this? Teamwork! Helping each other helps the team grow which is just another reason as to why 1820 Productions is pretty awesome.

-As Brayden put it, our ideas get shot down and we get yelled at! Not really. Part of why I love 1820 Productions is the fact the we can openly discuss our ideas with each other. And I mean every type of idea, good AND bad. From director to producer to interns, we work together to evolve ideas and throw in some jokes here and there along the way.


The Benefits of Being an Intern for 1820 Productions

There are plenty of benefits that come from having an internship with 1820 Productions. I should know, I once interned here. I got a chance to learn about TV networks and their needs, as well as receive editing tips from our lead editor. I even got to help out with grip equipment on set. It’s such a great opportunity to be a part of everything: pre-production, production, and post production. From creating concepts for television to hands-on experience on productions, being an intern with 1820 Productions makes you part of the team. Before you know it, you’ll have attained skills needed in a real-world setting (along with that oh-so 1820 joking manner) – both on production shoots, in development meetings, and while playing foosball. That last one is a plus.

There’s the truth about 1820 Productions and our interns. We are a strong, competitive group who like to play games and joke around, but in the end, we work hard and move toward our goals together. For any future interns who would like to be a part of this amazing team of co-conspirators feel free to contact us and get the scoop on how to vie for a spot like Brayden has.