The 1820 Productions Team Really Does Like To Laugh

Posted By: James Johnson

I always thought there had to be a clear line between work and play. I had fun in the Marine Corps but if there was laughter when you were supposed to be hard at work then you’d get yelled at big time.

That’s how every work place is right? That’s what I thought until I started interning for 1820 productions. Meetings erupt with laughter without getting off track. Laughter at jokes and laughing at ourselves isn’t just accepted; it’s encouraged. I appreciated the humor but thought, “This can’t be every day, no one would ever get any work done!”

But honestly, being out of breath from laughing so hard is my most sought after feeling. My best memories involve laughter and a pain in my side, so if I can laugh with you then we will probably become great friends.

How Laughter Helped My Productivity

After a few days of appreciating this nice change of pace I started to notice a shift in how I was working as well. Pitching ideas didn’t seem so nerve-racking and I didn’t feel judged for cracking a joke. The laughter created a sense of team working and acceptance that’s hard to find other places, let alone in the first week.

There is a method to the laughter! I felt more productive and didn’t feel so drained when I went home that day. Everyone hits those walls when working, and it can become hard to keep going. Well 1820 productions found an easy solution to that problem. Laughter.

And not just laughter.

Laughter at work!

Check out Sara’s philosophy behind being able to do serious work without being so serious. And be prepared to start laughing…