2017 Prediction: Dinosaur Eats Man. Video Inherits the Earth.

Posted By: Gina Circelli

In 2014, I was staggered to learn of a Syndacast prediction: video will be 74 percent of all internet traffic in 2017. And then 2015 actually saw 70 percent of internet traffic go to video! That kind of growth was much, much faster than market research predicted.

Video is smashing marketers’ already lofty expectations for the medium. For the past few years, we haven’t even been able to precisely measure the influence of video without snackable, episodic social video disrupting every expectation we have (in a really good way if you love video marketing like 1820 Productions does).

But one prediction you can bet on: video content in your 2017 marketing and communications strategies is not optional. What’s more, throwing a few seconds of a talking head on a smattering of social channels doesn’t cut it!

Creativity and content marketing are the peanut butter and jelly of 2017 (or honey and biscuits or sardines and toast or spam and eggs if you have more diverse tastes). The point? Start thinking now about how you can make one of a kind, engaging video content.

If you’re wondering where to start in the vast landscape of content marketing, use some down time this holiday to relax and let customer-winning video content come to you.

Here are three ultra easy ways to start thinking video over the next few weeks:

1. Check out what the kids in your life are watching. This is my favorite route for discovering what kind of content you MUST be watching closely. When you see your niece huddled in the corner of the couch, assuming her usual angsty teen death glare at her iPhone, find out what she’s watching. Because that spinoff of the spinoff of the mannequin challenge where kids are using some newfangled app to create videos of cats wearing clothes and seemingly frozen in time is actually important to your brand! There is a golden ticket for how your team can make the most of content like this, or at least draw some parallels from the content Gen Z and Millennials eat up. Full disclosure: I made up that cat app thing for the purposes of driving this point home.

2. Fall for those heart-wrenching holiday ads. Sappy, funny, sad, happy. Christmas and holiday ads are chalked with major feels. Watch each TV or digital spot you love this year with a critical eye to see how these pathos elements can translate for your brand. There are a few great international ads you may miss if you’re offline this holiday so I’ll fill you in. For a more light-hearted product launch, check out Coca-Cola’s Message in a Bottle for Italy. For a minute-long emotional journey, watch Allegro’s holiday spot for Poland.

3. Let 1820 Productions ideate with you. Whether you’ve got an idea, 1,000 ideas, or no clue, share with us. Thinking through a content marketing opportunity is our spam and eggs. I hope you’re not skimming through this or you may be questioning my taste right now.

Creative is our bag and we’d love to hear about what you’re working through for the New Year. We dig phone calls: 972-869-7777. And filling out our contact form is basically like stuffing our stocking – holler at us!