Four Valentine’s Day Movies That Are Dude Approved

Posted By: Gina Circelli

Love may be in the air, but Valentine’s Day movies are on my brain. Like any holiday, Valentine’s Day is the perfect reason to watch an aptly themed movie and avoid talking to real-life people. Alright, I’m kidding about that (but if that’s what you’re looking to do, no judgment here).

In reality, picking Valentine’s Day movies that appease a crowd of even two is a challenge. So if you’re planning to make your significant other sit down to watch a rom com this February 14, choose carefully.

Honestly, no pick is safe. But here are a few movies I think you should give a chance.

For Your Consideration: Valentine’s Day Movies

1. When Harry Met Sally. If this isn’t a film you already love, it’s one you’ve probably heard mentioned a smattering of times over the years. And you just kind of smile and nod to avoid acknowledging you don’t know anything about it besides it’s main players: Meg Ryan and Billy Crystal. But I consider this one of those rare rom coms that most people actually enjoy. This movie is a pretty safe bet if you hate romantic comedies but feel you need to cave in and watch just one with your girlfriend (or boyfriend). Plus, Carrie Fisher is in this gem. If for no other reason, let the force compel you to give this film a shot.

2. Jerry Maguire. Allow me to generalize for a second here and say guys love this movie. The film is credited as the inspiration for a great many guys to try their hands at becoming sport agents. Some harsher critics even say it ruined the sports agency industry. I mean, come on, if you haven’t seen this movie, your interest has to be peaked as to how it could ruin an entire industry… via romantic comedy, no less. And if you’re worried there’s no rom in this com, trust me, there is. Check it out and assume all the risks of wanting to become a sports agent afterwards.

3.  Lars and the Real Girl. This is for you artsy movie-lovers who have somehow missed this staple. It’s not one of your conventional Valentine’s Day movies (minus the Ryan Gosling billing), and it’s open ended. For that reason, this film will please your rom-com-hating moviegoer and/or life partner.

4. Bridesmaids. Only break out this film if you’re prepared for the raunchy and gut-busting antics I am willing to say are Kristen Wiig’s masterpiece (side note: I hope I’m wrong and something even more grand is yet to come from Wiig). Despite a scene that will forever be etched in many of our minds as utterly revolting, there is a love story at the heart of this film (both a romance and a friendship). If you haven’t seen this one, do it! But only if you are A-OK with mature content – actually, the movie starts with a close-your-eyes-Johnny kind of scene. You’ve been warned.

There are about 30 Valentine’s Day movies I feel I’ve betrayed for leaving out of this list, but I want to turn the mic over to you. Head to our Facebook page and let us know what Valentine’s Day movies are surprisingly popular with your loved one.