The Inside Story of Working with Bety at 1820 Productions

Posted By: Brayden Mckinney

On November 18, 2016, a dream came true.

I received an offer to intern at 1820 Productions. All the hard work I had spent in the classroom and in my interview was paying off. I could gain real world experiences and knowledge to further my career in production.

I was eager to get right to work. There was one thing I wasn’t ready for when entering into this real world setting. I would be working with Bety Aquino…

Our History Before 1820 Productions

Bety and I go way back (unfortunately). At ntTV, UNT’s student-run television station, I used to show her how to work the switcher for some of the campus television shows. She was even the technical director for a show I directed. We had a great relationship then. Once I stepped foot into the 1820 office it changed. The tables had turned and she was now pretending to be my boss.

Here is a found photo of Bety mentally intimidating me.

The Four Biggest Reasons I Can’t Deal With Bety

1. One thing about this Bety character is she loves to scare people at the office.

She has described to me in very thoughtful detail her method of scaring people. She knows exactly when to scare and how to do it. She’s describes scaring people by wearing a Halloween mask and jumping from underneath a desk. This is very upsetting to me. I can’t understand such a level of calculation. She even knows who are the easiest and hardest people to scare at 1820 Productions.

I actually think she keeps documents of what scares each individual at 1820 and all her encounters scaring them. You cannot even go into work without the possibility of getting a heart pounding good morning when you’re least expecting it. With Bety around you must be on your toes because if you show any sign of weakness, she will capitalize on it. And everyone will laugh. Even you, despite your best efforts not to.

2. This might be the worst of all: Bety will always ask questions about how my day is or if I need help with anything. How condescending! Why does she want to know about my life? Plus I like to think I do a good job so why would she think I need help with my work. It’s just so rude and assuming.

3. She has the best trashcan in the office. Yes, I always have to ask to throw away my trash in her trashcan. And of course she just lets me. Mainly, I think she’s just showing off how great it is.

4. She shoots down my ideas and yells at me. Not really. I just think she might be doing both of those things to me in her head.

Overall I love my new internship at 1820 productions. I’ve learned so much here in such a short amount of time. I just have to learn how to deal with Bety. If you need more proof that she has a major attitude, watch this secret footage of her.