It May Take a Thousand Creative Ideas: The 1820 Motto

Posted By: Gina Circelli

I am currently reeling from a creative meeting. I’ll be honest: they are exhausting. You pour your heart, soul, best jokes, and sometimes a few internal tears into pitching creative ideas. That includes anything from television show ideas to print billboard concepts to short film scripts.

These aren’t tasks you come into the office and knock out only to leave on your desk at the end of the day either. This is work you live with and dream about. You ask your family and friends their thoughts too. Coming up with creative ideas is a lifestyle.

Why? Because almost every one of them gets shot down.

Why Do Most Creative Ideas Fail?

That sounds harsh, but it’s true. And it’s not a complaint.

The reason ideating takes so much time and effort is because it’s a long process to get to our best work. And coming up with an original idea gets harder all the time.

Our team at 1820 Productions holds each other accountable. Yes, we celebrate the great creative we develop, but we’re also honest in letting teammates know they need to get back to brainstorming.

It’s a never-ending process. But we like it that way.

The solution to seeming endless ideas that just don’t stick? Keep going!

The more you ideate, the closer you’re getting to creative that moves audiences. But let me pose a question for you, my creative friends. When it feels like you’ve formed a thousand ideas that don’t work, how do you come up with one more, let alone, many more? Share with us on Facebook.

And thank you for the advice in advance – I’ve got to get back to the drawing board, and I’m eager to put your tips to work!