Playing to Our Strengths


Take a second to think about it… At this very moment, there are over 7 billion people living on planet Earth. While the sheer number in itself is astounding, what’s even wilder is the fact that every single one of those humans is uniquely made.

It’s something that people say often, but the gravity of it doesn’t always fully sink in. Every person alive has different abilities and gifts. Knowing your own strengths can be advantageous, especially in the workplace. It has been said that self-awareness is the genesis of success. Maybe that is why the topic always seems to pop up during the interview process!

At 1820 Productions, we take it a step beyond just knowing our own strengths. We make it a point to evaluate each team member’s aptitudes, too. It helps us choose our teammates with the utmost care; because we understand and value the unique talents, quirks, life experiences, and strengths each person is bringing to the table. It’s important to us that every member is adding not only to our knowledge, but our distinct chemistry, too.

Take a fish tank for example. When there are different creatures inhabiting the same space, their habits, humor and energy feed off of one another. The cohabitation needs to be a swimming match (ha!). Just bringing in one little guppy that doesn’t mesh with the rest can disturb the ecosystem.


It’s easy to agree that playing to one another’s strong suits is a good idea. But how do we efficiently identify what these strengths are? When any new employee is brought on board, they are directed to take the Gallup StrengthFinder assessment.

This benefits us in many different ways. After taking the test, the whole 1820 team sits down together to discuss the results of the test, as well as individual similarities and differences. Knowing that one co-conspirator is an extrovert with excellent presentation skills, while another thrives in organization and elements of design, is extremely beneficial. Once we have a project rolling, there are a series of moving parts that need to flow seamlessly together. To accomplish this, you’ve got to have a strong team that understands one another’s natural gifts.

When you know your team, you know your strengths. And when we understand each other’s strengths… Well, there isn’t any task our dream team cannot handle!