Water Flow for Workflow

“64 oz. of water a day keeps the doctor away”


Here at 1820, we take water very seriously! It’s important that we’re always operating at 100% for our clients, and water is the best way to start. Your body uses water in all its cells and organs to help you regulate your bodily functions and survive. Honestly, you wouldn’t even be able pull up your laptop to read this blog without water!

Water in the Brain.

Our brains are like sponges, great for soaking up knowledge and H2O. Over 70% of the brain is made up of the life giving liquid, and in order for it to function properly, water is needed in large amounts to fuel our memory and thought processes. If you take care of your body, the amount of things you can achieve is limitless!

If you are dehydrated, you are likely to experience more than 5% decrease in cognitive function.

Why we need water on set?

Anyone on a production crew can agree that set life can be hectic at times. Moving equipment, setting and striking a scene, running on a fast-paced schedule… This may be the easiest time to forget to drink up, but it’s the most critical time to remember. Staying well hydrated on set allows us to be quick on our feet and remain sharp as a tack for our clients.

Why we need water in the office?

Recently we started challenging each other at 1820 to drink at least 64 oz. daily – how else can we make sure our minds are working at maximum capacity?

In fact, we’ve become so passionate about it that it has almost become competitive – it wouldn’t be uncommon to hear myself or Korey bragging about how much we’ve already consumed for the day. Even Sara has a water bottle tracker with her at all times, so even on busy days she never forgets to feed her brain!




Water continues to be vital in our everyday office life. All phases of production require an energized mind. A better water flow equals a better workflow. Since 1820 Productions is all about clarity, creativity, and keeping it simple, it is no surprise that we praise water for its elegant simplicity. So join us and continue to treat your body right by drinking more water!

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