1820 Productions Set Guide: What to Wear

Posted By: Bety Aquino

You often read blog posts about what to wear on set if you are in front of the camera. Well here are tips on what to wear if you will be off-screen. Now, this can vary depending on what part you play in this wonderful world of video production, but these are some general rules to go by.

Colored T-shirts


The way you dress on set can vary for each crew member, but the goal for each person is the same: Dress Comfortably! You don’t want complicated clothes that will slow your pace as well as the whole productions.

Shirt and Pants

First and foremost you want to look presentable while still having the flexibility to move. I recommend wearing a nice t-shirt and loose pants. And no I don’t mean the old 90’s JNCO pants! I’m talking pants with plenty of pockets that allow you the ability stretch and run because more than half the time you will be carrying something.


Unless you plan to go get a foot massage afterward, I suggest wearing comfortable shoes. A pair of running shoes will do the trick! You never know what you’ll be doing so always be prepared. From standing, running and just being on set all day, you will need to take care of your feet.


For those who have short hair, this isn’t really an issue, but if it’s long then this advice could save you! I suggest pulling your hair back into a ponytail, braid, or bun (man bun for all the males out there who think they can rock it). Anything to help keep it out of your face. Especially if your hands are occupied and you get that one annoying strand of hair tickling your eyeball. For all our female producers out there, having your hair down is always an option. But if you are helping in other aspects of production, a bun might help keep your hair in place while still looking fabulous! As for facial hair, as long as it is nicely kept it shouldn’t be a problem.


Unless you are a producer or director I would recommend no crazy jewelry or hats. Watches are ok, but keep in mind that you’ll be moving around so you might not feel it if it falls off or if you leave it lying around somewhere.

I’ve covered what I think are basic yet important things to know for what to wear on a production set. As you experience more time on set, you’ll be able to gauge the do’s and don’ts. So instead of rules, think of these tips as guidelines. Feel free to visit our Facebook page and check out pictures from our production shoots. You’ll get a great idea at the different styles we like to wear while working!