How to Work In Video Production

Posted By: Gina Circelli

This post goes out to all the film production and film studies college seniors scrambling for a job come your May graduation date. It’s for the long-time sales guru looking for a career change. And it’s dedicated to all the high achievers who are a few years away from requiring a full-time film production job but want all the help they can get.

There’s no one way to break into the business, and my path probably won’t be your path. But there’s a lot of wisdom in the 1820 office, and here are a few good starting points for working toward a job in video production (as overheard during lunch conversations and in passing):

– Work every job you can. Work on real sets. Not to discount working on student films – that’s very valuable too – but nothing prepares you for set life better than professional set life. Get linked in with your local producers association, check Craigslist, and work every reputable film job you can find!

– Whatever work you’re creating, do it stunningly. Wedding videos, student films, social media shorts, videos for your YouTube channel. Make them stellar. These videos build your skills and boost your reel. Find passion projects – things you’d love to do for free – and do them well. Then you’ll have great work to land you more great work.

– Don’t be above working several internships. If you can get college credit for a production internship, don’t hesitate. There is big value in being on big sets. You’ll start to grasp production lingo, learn how to work a walkie, and grasp that a sense of urgency will set you apart from your fellow students.

– Stay humble. Find an “in” where you can. You’re probably not ready to step right into a directorial or producer role. So take that PA gig and relish it! As soon as you think you’re above a certain role, it’s time for a quick ego check. Here’s my favorite way to go about that: Count your Oscars. If the count is fewer than 5, you still have work to do.

Looking for a Film Production Internship?

If you’re motivated to start seeking an internship, that’s a great first step. There are surprisingly a lot of opportunities for this kind of hands-on work. And even video production companies that don’t offer internships will often work with you if you help map out what your role would consist of.

Of course, there are variations in internships. Some offer class credit. Others are paid internships. Either way, you’re exploring the field you want to dedicate your life to, which is invaluable.

Reach out to us on our contact page if you’re looking for more information on internships and career opportunities available on our team. Or if you have more career-related questions, ask away. We’re here to help!